The project started in September of 2005 when we purchased a 2005 Bigdog Ridgeback
from Gateway Bigdog. We asked for blue for obvious reasons but didn't really have an
exact plan in mind at that time. I new I wanted to do some type of Blues theme bike but
that was it. Things got more clear as the hockey season got started. We were at a
game & during the National Anthem while I was looking up into the rafters of the Savvis
Center it came to me. The theme of the bike would be to honor the players that have
had jerseys retired & to let new ownership know that there are serious hockey fans in
St. Louis. We spent the rest of the winter working with Gateway Bigdog & Darren
Williams of Liquid Illusions.  

As you look through our site it will be obvious that the St. Louis Blues is our passion. I
have been a fan since 1967, in good times & bad, and felt that it was time to give
something back, to show our appreciation to a great city, & a great team with a
tremendous history. Please take a few moments, look over our site & let us know what
you think.
As the Saliva song says

"Your about to be bowled over by the wonders you're about to behold here"