The Builders
This page is dedicated to all of the people involved in this
endeavor of ours. Without there help & expertise it wouldn't
of happened.

Our Forever Thanks...Steve & Carol
Gateway BigDog
Many Thanks to our friends at Gateway Bigdog. It would not have
been built if it wasn't for you guys. I know I was a pain in the ass but
you never ran me off. You are a great bunch of guys.

Our Thanks To
Greg, Tommy, Tim, Brian, Josh, Ryan & Kim
Liquid Illusions
Darren Williams is the man! He's not only an artist but he likes
hockey too. What a winning combo. Darren is responsible for the
beautiful paint / airbrushing on the bike. You were a pleasure to
work with and I can be quite difficult at times. You were able to take
ideas from my head to paper and then to the bike. Not a small task,
but thats what makes you the craftsman you are.

Our Thanks To
Darren & Randy
If you're looking for Laser Tattooing then this is the place. Josh at
Gateway worked with Danny from
Markkings. He was very helpful in
explaining the process. From design, layout, and the final approval
it was a very pleasant experience.

Our Thanks To
Diamond Heads
My wife & I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this
year. As with most women she wanted something with a little sparkle
so to make her happy I had the cylinders & heads diamond cut. She
was right, a little sparkle adds something. If you want to add a little
BLING to your bike
Diamond Heads has the answer.

Our Thanks To
High End Seats
We had an issue with the stock seat interfering with the location of
the graphics we wanted to use on the rear fender. Here comes
End Seats
to the rescue. In just a few weeks Sherry @ High End
with help from Josh had it all under control. We now have a great
looking seat thats very comfortable and yes it does have a Bluenote.
Our Thanks To