I've been a fan since 1967 when the Blues entered the NHL. I went to the cup finals
when we lost to Montreal & Boston but my interest never diminished. I wasn't
able to make it to very many games but I always caught them on the radio. No
NHL Center Ice back then but I have it now.

We both have Blues license plates ( BLDBLU, BLDZ & OHBABI ), a Blues theme
room, painted the garage floor blue and added the Blue Note. We were chosen by
the Blues in a Bleed Blue contest and our license plates are on the Blues website
and on a billboard in St. Louis. For luck I wear a Blues shirt to work everyday along
with my Blues key chain, money clip, gloves and jacket. We also have a phone
system at home that allows for music on hold so we play Blues scoring clips. Even
though I am in my forties I still get choked up when the boys skates onto the ice,
they dim the lights & play the National Anthem.

Hockey may be "The Coolest Game On Earth"
but its the only game that truly warms my heart.

Win or lose I’ll always